At Recrewteer, we love our users ❤️. They help us to build and improve our volunteer management platform. Each week, we are releasing new features and we share them with you through this series of articles called "Product Update".

Volunteer registration form

From the menu "Form", you now have a new tab called "Form fields" where you can do the following actions: 

  • check the fields you want to be displayed in your volunteer registration form
  • move  the fields up or down to define how they rank in your form
  • make your field mandatory or not 

Custom field 

  • search engine to look for a specific field by name 
  • filter custom field Private vs Public
  • dependancy : a new view to visualise the dependancy of your custom field
  • list view : switch to list view to have a better overview with all your missions and see the number of assignation your currently have
  • search engine 
  • filter by category 

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About Recrewteer: 

Recrewteer is a SaaS volunteer management platform for event organisers. From missions creations to hiring new volunteer, Recrewteer automate all the workflow of managing volunteer.
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